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7 different ways to use our donut wall

Natasha Ivanovska

Our donut walls are extremely versatile and not just used for donuts! 
See our list of different ways they can be used. 
  1. Use it as a donut wall to display your donuts. Each peg fits 2-3 donuts with a large hole. 
  1. Use it as a cupcake wall!
  1. Use it as a shot glass wall. Perfect for jelly shots at any sort of party!
  1. Use it as a wine glass/champagne/martini wall. 
  1. Use it for soft drinks at a kids party!
  1. Use it at an expo to display promotional material or small items!
  2. Display photos frames of photos of the party host (baby photos of a birthday girl, couple photos at an engagement party, etc). 
If you have any other ideas on how to use our donut walls, drop us a comment to let us know!

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