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Five uses for a flower wall

Natasha Ivanovska

Not only are flower walls beautiful to the eye, they are versatile too. You can avoid wilting flowers, expensive florists, even prevent hay fever in your guests.

Here's a simple list of four popular uses for a flower wall.

  1. A backdrop to your wedding vows – An elegant way to tie the knot in style.
  2. A centerpiece to your event – Perfect for your patrons to take selfies, install it behind your bridal table, hold your speech or cut the cake in front of the flower wall.
  3. To draw attention to a focal point – Whether it be your birthday cake, behind a dessert table, an installation at a bar or salon, and so much more!
  4. A mask of disguise – Use a flower wall to mask something in your venue that’s less appealing. Cracked or unpainted walls for example.
  5. At an exhibition - Host a flower wall at your expo event to draw attention to your booth!

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